The Fat Lady is Singing, For Now …. (Thing 23)

This is the last official task for my 23 Things You Should Know about Web 2.0 class.  It has been really enjoyable and I have learned so much. (Like using Notepad to strip the code from MS Word and Open Office BEFORE copying to a blog. Saves a lot of trouble. Thanks @suewaters and @dr_mike for all of your help.)
For this task, I decided to write a number of goal statements that relate to this class. So here goes nothing

  • Technology Integration Goals for 08-09

Create and use a classroom wiki to post assignments and collaborative projects. My wiki will also include copies of all handouts and links to online resources. Individual student pages will be developed as needed.

Students will do their written assignments using Google Docs so that we can engage in synchronous editing

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and collaboration. I will grade and comment on written work directly on the document in Google Docs.  Work will be submitted for grading and monitoring by listing me as a collaborator. This will cut down on lost work, use of paper, and allow the students to access their work from home.

Students will use web based tools to help them revise. Using, students will covert their written work to speech and listen to their work as part of the editing process.

Students will create and post to a blog on a weekly basis.  I will assign a topic for a given week. Each student will be expected to respond to the prompt.

Students will be taught how to comment appropriately. They will be expected to comment on other blogs weekly.  A rubric will be developed to evaluate the comments.

Students will be introduced to appropriate web 2.0 applications as needed.

Students will be able to appropriately embed graphics and copied text so that the licensing requirements are met.

Students will be able to locate Creative Commons materials for online use.

I will create podcasts to assist students with complicated text.

I will try to establish an ongoing relationship with another class with a focus on collaboration. I would like to begin will reciprocal blog commenting and go from there.

I will locate  and use online multimedia resources to supplement the curriculum.

I will write a proposal for a COW to be housed by and used in the special education department classrooms.

I will have my students use the technology, not have it use them.

  • Web 2.0 Skills that I Want to Master

I want to be able to use Audacity effectively so that I can publish podcasts for student use.

I want to learn and master video editing. I’ve never done it, but I got a Flip clone (Vado by Creative Media) for Christmas.

Vado Pocket Video Camera by Creative

Master screen-casting as a tool to help students be more independent while learning new tech skills.

I want to learn all about Skype and Ustream (or similar sites) so that I can engage in active conversation with others about education (and with extended family).

I want to figure out the most effective ways to use this technology in my classes.

  • Share with others

I will continue to bookmark and tag interesting websites in both Delicious and Diigo.  If I find something I think someone in my building could use, I’ll send them the link.

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I will encourage others to take the next 23 Things class.  It was fun.

I will volunteer to co-facilitate the next 23 Things class.

I will keep bugging the powers-that-be to give us the kind of technology and training to help our students develop 21st Century Skills inside the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

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Logo Open Source Initiative

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I will continue to advocate for open source software to help the district reduce costs.

  • My PLC

I will continue to read the blogs of my 23 Things classmates, commenting as appropriate.

I will encourage my colleagues to explore web 2.0 and try to use it in their classes.

I will follow my PLC on Twitter.

I will continue to blog about educational technology and education in Michigan schools.

I will attempt to serve as a voice of reason in the maddness that is education in the state of Michigan.

I will keep learning.

I will not give up.

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