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I love  social bookmarking. It is an easy way to locate great content information from other content specialists. It is also a great way to share bookmarks directly with colleagues.  Everyone should know and use the “for:tag in Delicious. There is just too many great resources on the web. No one person can discover everything.

If you come across a resource that a colleague might use simply tag it with – for:username – then that link will be sent directly to that person’s Delicious inbox. For example, I am an Special Ed/ELA teacher and I have no use for math resources. However, I found a great math resource Kahn Academy (thanks to @angelamaiers on Twitter). While bookmarking this page I put for:jgemmel into the tag box. As soon as I saved it, a copy of this link was put in her Delicious inbox.

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I have to say that Delicious is my current favorite social bookmarking site. It’s easy to use and share. However, I have been experimenting with diigo because it allows me to annotate web pages using highlighting, popup notes, and full comments. As I bookmark each page in diigo, I can easily put it into a list for easy retrieval. Locating my bookmarks in Delicious has always been a bother as I tend to bookmark everything I find interesting. I know that tags can help me, but I am not as consistent as I need to be when I tag a page.  So I am playing with diigo. For now, I’ll keep on using Delicious as my primary school social bookmarking platform.

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